BGMI 3.2 Update APK Download – Device Requirements and New Features 

Battleground Mobile India released the highly anticipated 3.2 update on 29 May 2024. Gamers have been eagerly waiting for the update as BGMI has promised new features and exciting updates. The article covers everything you wish to learn about the BGMI 3.2 update APK download and its features.

BGMI 3.2 Update APK Download

The developers of BGMI finally released the 3.2 update on 29 May 2024 after the delay. Previously, the release was scheduled for 22 May 2024, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, Krafton has delayed the release. 

The new updates have some exciting and promising updates that would enhance the gaming experience on the battleground. It’s also special as it is the fourth major update of BGMI this year and celebrates the third anniversary of the Battle Royale title in the Indian gaming sector. 

Krafton has rolled out the update for Android and iOS users, users can download the update from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to their devices and enjoy the new update. 

The gamers can also download the BGMI 3.2 update APK file from the official website of BGMI in the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of BGMI at
  • Navigate to the download link on the webpage of BGMI and click on it depending on your device. 
  • You can download the APK file by clicking on it and after downloading, install the game update on your device. 

The players can also find the link to the Google Play store and Apple App Store on the official website of BGMI to directly land on the BGMI page. 

Devices requirement for the BGMI 3.2 update

The BMI 3.2 update has minimal system requirements as it follows the 3.1 Update. Krafton announced during the 3.1 update launch that the BGMI game would not support iOS 10 and Android 4.4 devices or below the lower version as they are upgrading to Helpshift for a better customer support experience. 

Hence, the 3.2 BGMI update has followed the same path and gamers would at least need  Android 5 or iOS 11 or higher versions to play the BGMI games with the new update. 

The size of the devices for the newest version of BGMI is around 3.2 GB for iOS and 300 MB for Android devices. 

The gamers would need enough space in their devices at least 2GB for Android and 2.4 GB for iOS devices. The players have to install another resource pack of 432 MB to enjoy the newest version of BGMI. If you want, you can also download additional graphic packs to optimize your gaming experience in the Battle Royale Title. 

System Requirements:

Size  Android: 300 MB
iOS: 3.2 GB
Device version  Android: 5 or above
iOS: 11 or above
Storage Space  Android: 2GB
iOS: 2.4 GB

What new features are stored for you in the BGMI 3.2 update?

The new 3.2 update has many exciting features that enhance the gaming experience and make it more engaging & challenging for players. Let’s see the new 3.2 update’s exciting features:

  • 120 FPS: The new version supports a 120-frame rate for higher version devices that offer butter-smooth gameplay to the players. The higher FPS increases their chances of winning the battles against lower-rate FPS players and makes the fight more interesting for players. 
  • New Theme-Mecha Fusion theme mode: The BGMI 3.2 updates introduced the Mecha Fusion theme mode, bringing new surprises for the players, such as hot drops, steel ark, assembly base, Arma Mech, and many more. The vehicle transformation of Arma Mech, which switches between jet speed form and magnetic form enhances the gaming experience. 

The players get the Mecha robot when they eliminate all the players and travel smoothly across the maps. The theme replaces the flying carpet with a Jetpack, so fly around but keep an eye on your enemies as it’s easy to get knocked out while using Jetpack.

  • Gold Spin: You’ve got Gold Spin themes coming right away to you to enhance your gameplay with new blessings and surprises.
  • Updated WOW mode: The developers have updated the WOW mode for the players with tons of maps and play styles that you can apply as solo or in group gameplay. The WOW mode has robots, new weapons, and much more to broaden your adventure in the game. 
  • RPA7 Virtual Edge: With the new version, buckle up for the new skin and state of art weapon skins in the title. The new version offers unmatchable items designed to enhance your gameplay with bigger rewards in the pocket.

Ranveer Singh is back in the Game

Another exciting news for the players, the swag of Ranveer Singh is back in the Battle Royale title. The players can use the Ranveer Singh crate to access epic items, playstyle, RS special voice pack, and much more in the 3.2 update. 

The developers have upped the game with a special BGIS parachute, supercars, an anniversary carte with four special suits, and loads of weapons and upgraded crates. 

The 3.2 updates have unlocked many surprises for the gamers making it a more exciting and unmatchable experience for the gamers. 

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