Delicious in Dungeon Season 2 – When can we expect its release?

The final episode of Delicious in Dungeon anime aired yesterday and the makers have confirmed the new season of the popular anime. With the official announcement for Season 2 of Delicious in Dungeon, the fans are delighted and speculating about the new season’s storyline.

Delicious in Dungeon Season 2

The Delicious in Dungeon anime TV series is the anime version of the Japanese Manga series Dungeon Meal written and illustrated by Ryoko Kui. The animation Studio Trigger has produced the anime TV series Manga in the direction of Yoshihiro Miyajima.

The anime TV series was broadcast on Netflix from January to June 2024 and caught the eye of anime lovers, resulting in its huge success on Netflix. The anime was streamed weekly and concluded the first season on 13 June 2024 with the final 24th episode of the series. 

Anime TV Series  Delicious in Dungeon
Completed Season  1
Upcoming Season 
No. of Episodes  24
Adaptation of  Japanese Manga – Dungeon Meal
Written by  Ryoko Kui
Animation Studio  Trigger
Directed by  Yoshihiro Miyajima
Anime Written by  Kimiko Ueno
Licensed by  Netflix
Original network  JAITS, ATX, TVA, BS11

Now, just after the release of the final episodes, the Delicious in Dungeons officials have announced the production of season 2 on the social media channel X seeing the success and response of the audience to the first season. 

The release date of the next season Delicious in Dungeon has not been officially revealed, but the makers have released the trailer or a teaser of Season 2 sharing a glimpse of the upcoming season. We can anticipate its release by the mid 2025.

Delicious in Dungeon Season 2

Delicious in Dungeon Plot and Storyline 

The plot of the Delicious in Dungeon anime follows a fantasy world of dungeon exploration, where a young adventurer Laios, and his group set out on an expedition to raid dungeons hoping to find the unexplored and mysterious Golden Kingdom.  

It is believed that the Golden Kingdom is a treasure of the island dungeon. The story of the show revolves around the Laios and his group’s adventures and their attempt to slay the red dragon. 

Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 Synopsis 

The story begins with Laios and his party’s encounter with the red dragon, where they almost get killed by the dragon and have to escape as the red dragon has swallowed the Laios sister Falin. She teleported them out of the dungeon before the dragon swallowed her. 

Now, Laios in hopes of rescuing his sister begins his adventure in the dungeon. However, there are many problems, first, he has to save his sister before she gets fully digested in the tummy of a dragon, and they have no money and supplies to survive as most of their supplies were left behind in the dungeon during their encounter with the red dragon. 

Laios suggested an idea to survive in the dungeons is to eat the monsters. During their quest, they meet a dwarf named Senshi, who has years of experience surviving in dungeons and cooking monsters. 

The story then revolves around the meals they create in every episode while exploring the dungeons. The team was able to resurrect Falin, however, there was one problem, Falin was not human she had dragon body parts. The group explores the solution to this problem to make Falin human gain. 

What can you expect in the upcoming Delicious in Dungeon Season 2? 

As mentioned earlier, the officials have not revealed much about the second season of Delicious in Dungeon except the trailer. 

From the trailer, we can say the fans expect more recipes and unique meals of monsters in the coming season. The Laios and company will gather all the creatures and people they met in the dungeon to accomplish the plan to make Falin human again. 

The glimpse of a winged lion in the trailer can expect a new chapter of the storylines that will unfold new secrets of the dungeons. The makers have been truthful to manga as they average two chapters in one episode. 

So, with the last episodes the anime has rolled out to 52 chapters out of 97 chapters of the original manga, so the fans have a lot to discover about the dungeon and adventures of the Laios and his group in the upcoming season of the anime TV series. 

The fans can read the manga to satisfy their hunger to know more about the Delicious in Dungeons or wait for the announced season to officially come on the floor on Netflix. Nevertheless, the next season is on its way with more stories of Dungeon and the meals. 

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