International Yoga Pledge Certificate – Download Online

The celebration of the 10th International Yoga Day is on 21st June 2024, and the theme is Yoga for Self and Society, you can download a pledge certificate for your dedication to Yoga. The pledge is available on the Yoga Ayush website. 

International Yoga Pledge Certificate

Every year in India celebrates International Yoga Day on 21 June, this is celebrated to raise the world about the benefits of yoga and focus on the mental and physical. The Government of India is now offering this opportunity to build a powerful practice. 

According to the traditional years, you can take or download a certificate for your dedication to Yoga. It aims to increase the global benefits of practicing yoga and encourage people for a healthier lifestyles. 

The theme of Yoga for Self and Society is to encourage people to yoga and well- being a connection between the inner self and the outer world. The International Yoga Pledge certificate is available to the Yoga Ayush website. 

How to download an International Yoga Pledge Certificate?

You can download your International yoga pledge certificate online by visiting the official website of , there steps to download the international yoga pledge certificate:

  • First you have to visit the Yoga Ayush Portal.
  • After visiting this portal you have to enter your information including your name and your email ID. 
  • Then enter your university name and your phone number to get the OTP. 
  • Enter the OTP. 
  • Then click on the Pledge now button. 
  • Then this page shows your certificate and then you have to download this certificate.
  • After downloading this certificate you can check it on this portal. 
  • You can check your certificate through the Yoga Ayush portal to enter your name and email ID.  
  • After that they show your certificate with your name. 

International Yoga Pledge Certificate

Benefits of International Yoga Pledge Certificate

The International Yoga day is a recognised event that aims to increase the global benefits of practising yoga and encourage people for a healthier lifestyle. This certificate is promoted as an approach to physical fitness, mental and spiritual growth. 

International Yoga Day holds the significance of its 10th anniversary on 21st June 2024, individual and worldwide will promote the wisdom and potential of yoga. According to traditional years, you can take or download a certificate for your dedication in Yoga.

International yoga pledges to make it accessible to people of all ages and abilities, this day also promotes unity and bringing together people from diverse cultures. This builds the background to embrace yoga as a unifying force and sense of global harmony. 

Participants are encouraged to take the pledge and build the yoga in their daily lives.  Additionally it stresses relieving and mental health benefits that are particularly relevant in today’s world and highlighting the importance of mental health. 

Yoga is the mind and body practice that promotes relaxation and stress relief while improving physical and your mental health. Yoga consists of a series of human postures, breathing exercises and meditation for healthy lives. 

Theme of International Yoga Day 2024

This year’s International Yoga Day is ‘Yoga for self and Society’, this makes a special milestone of the 10th anniversary of International Yoga Day. This theme is the perfect essence of this practice of yoga. 

Yoga is a balancing act that maintains your mind and body, with action and personal fulfillment.  This year’s theme is the crucial role in addressing women’s health issues like stress etc. According to the traditional years, you can take or download a certificate for your dedication in Yoga.

The theme of Yoga for self and society is focusing on yoga’s potential to transform lives through physical, mental, emotional and social. The aim is to improve a global movement, raising female health problems and promoting well- being everywhere. 

This theme underscores the role of yoga and addresses the health conditions that affect women and stress, and the importance of women’s health across all ages. Beyond the physical postures this theme highlights the development of individuals and societies. 

International Yoga Day 2024 is to join the global community to celebrate the power of yoga whether you are experienced practitioner or new to the practice, this opportunity is to deepen your understanding. 

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