Ration Card E-KYC in Bihar, Deadline, Eligibility, How to get it done?

According to the update, Ration Card E-KYC is mandatory for those ration card holders who want to get the full benefit of their Ration Card without any problem. The last date of Ration Card E-KYC is 15 June 2024

Ration Card E-KYC

From time to time new schemes are launched by the central government and the state government and similarly a big update has come out for the beneficiaries under an old scheme such as the ration card scheme. It is being said that it has become mandatory for all ration card holders of Bihar to get KYC done. 

If you are a resident of Bihar state and want to get information related to Bihar Ration Card KYC, then you have to do the name of the members of the family attached to the ration card life, and all of them have to get KYC done. 

This program determines the number of members and also reveals how many members are still alive and how many people are taking advantage of the ration card, but if you do not get the benefit of this scheme. Then you should get the ration card e-kyc done as soon as possible so that you can get the full benefits. 

Who is eligible for Ration Card E-KYC?

There are certain eligibility criteria that you will have to fulfil if you want to apply for a ration card e-kyc:

  • KYC on ration cards will be done only for those people whose name is included in the ration card. 
  • You must have a ration card including your family’s information. 
  • The applicant must have a registered Aadhar Card and a linked mobile number. 
  • You and your family must have an Aadhar card. 
  • It is necessary for all the members of the family to get the KYC done. 
  • To get KYC done you have to go to the nearest dealer. 
  • You must be a resident of Bihar. 
  • This is not for the one person your family can get this opportunity. 

Ration Card E-KYC in Bihar

How to do Ration Card E-KYC?

You can complete the E-KYC process by contacting your nearest dealer or nearest camp, this will help you to avail the benefits of this scheme. You have to apply for a Ration Card E-KYC before the deadline of 15 June 2024.

If you want to complete the process of e-KYC in Ration Card then you have follow the below steps:

  • You must have to visit your nearest dealer.
  • You have to go to the dealer with your Aadhar Card. 
  • The dealer will do KYC through your fingerprint by entering your Aadhar number. 
  • It is mandatory for all the members of your family whose name is linked to the ration card to get the e-KYC done. 
  • If you want to add a family member in a ration card then you have to show that member’s Aadhar card number. 
  • In the end your Ration Card e-KYC will be done by your dealer. 
  • Now you can easily do Ration Card E-KYC and get its benefits. 
  • You can check your e-kyc by visiting the official website of any KYC Registration Agency.  

Benefits of Ration Card E-KYC

KYC is done every year by the government, the e-KYC work of ration card holders and beneficiaries will be done free of cost through e-pass with the help of fair price sellers. By Ration Card E-KYC streamlines identity verification, making it faster, more efficient and reducing paperwork. 

It enhances financial inclusion and helps in the digitization of service while maintaining security. Bihar Ration Card E-KYC an important information has come for all the ration card holders, if you are a ration card holder so that you can get E-KYC done in your Bihar Ration Card as soon as possible. 

With the help of Ration card E-KYC they entitle the card holder to avail themselves of government issued food grains and fuel at the subsidised rates. It is considered as a vital document as resident and identification proof. 

There are many people in Bihar who work as migrant labourers, due to their lives outside the state. In such a situation this step has been taken regarding the data of migrant labourers. The government is checking whether the benefits of this scheme are reaching the person in whose name the ration card will be A-KYC’ed. 

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