Reliance Jio Recharge Plans 2024 – Check the complete list here!

Reliance Jio declared on Thursday that starting on July 3, its rates for mobile services will increase. This is Jio’s first rate increase for mobile services following a lapse of approximately two and a half years. The lowest recharge now costs ₹19, which is roughly 27% more than the ₹15 add-on pack for 1 GB of data.

Reliance Jio Recharge Plans 2024

All of Reliance Jio’s prepaid and postpaid plan prices have increased. As of July 3, the tariff change applies to all channels and contact points. The cheapest plan, the Rs 155 plan, now costs Rs 189, which is nearly 22% more expensive than previously. 

Keep in mind that calls and data are unaffected by these changes; they only impact the price. Price increases for 14 unlimited prepaid packages, 3 plus data packages, and 2 postpaid packages were announced by the telecom provider.

The six monthly plans available, one of which was previously priced at ₹155, have now been revised to ₹189, along with other plans in the same category. The ₹2999 annual plan has now been revised to ₹3599. The company has also stated that all plans that were previously priced at ₹155 will now include unlimited 5G data.

Reliance Jio Recharge Plans

Full list of Jio Recharge Plans 2024

The below table shows the full list of Jio recharge plans for 2024. It also contains plans, validity, and pricing information.

Specific  Existing plans price  Benefits  Validity (In days) New plan prices
Monthly  155 2 GB 28 189
209 1 GB/day 28 249
239 1.5 GB/day 28 299
299 2 GB/day 28 349
349 2.5 GB/day 28 399
399 3 GB/day 28 449
2 Month Plans   479 1.5 GB/day 56 579
533 2 GB/day 56 629
3 Month Plans 395 6 GB 84 479
666 1.5 GB/day 84 799
719 2 GB/day 84 859
999 3 GB/day 84 1199
Annual  1559 24 GB 336 1899
2999 2.5 GB/day 365 3599
Postpaid  299 30 GB bill cycle 349
399 75 GB bill cycle 449
Data add-on 15 1 GB base plan 19
25 2 GB base plan 29
61 6 GB base plan 69

Jio Recharge Plans 2024 Features 

Here are some of the key features of Jio’s prepaid recharge plans for 2024:

  • 1 GB/day Plans: Enjoy 1 GB of high-speed data per day along with unlimited calls and SMS. These plans are perfect for staying connected and browsing social media.
  • 1.5 GB/day Plans: Get more data with 1.5 GB/day plans. These offer excellent value for your money, allowing you to browse the internet, watch movies, and make lag-free video calls.
  • 2 GB/day Plans: If you work from home, learn online, or enjoy streaming content, consider the 2 GB/day plans. They also come with bundled OTT apps for entertainment.
  • 2.5 GB/day Plans: It provide you unlimited calls, SMS, several hours of enjoying of interesting podcasts, live cricket matches and lag-free multiplayer online gaming and many more.
  • JioPhone Plans: Exclusive plans for JioPhone users include high-speed internet, unlimited calls, SMS, and free OTT subscriptions.
  • International Roaming Packs: When traveling abroad, explore Jio’s international roaming packs for Wi-Fi calling, in-flight connectivity, and more.

Remember that Jio’s plans may vary based on your region and specific requirements. Feel free to explore their official website for detailed information on all available plans. 

Best Plan to recharge to Enjoy Unlimited 5G

Starting from July 3, 2024, Reliance Jio has made changes to its prepaid and postpaid plans.  Jio has increased mobile service rates by 12-27% across various plans. The lowest recharge plan now costs Rs 19, which is about 27% higher than the previous Rs 15 for a 1 GB data add-on pack. 

The popular Rs 666 unlimited plan with an 84-day validity has been raised by approximately 20%, now priced at Rs 799. Medium-range mobile service plans will also experience a 19-21% hike.All plans with 2GB or more per day will have access to unlimited 5G data.

Currently, users with plans costing more than Rs 239 can access unlimited free 5G service; users with lower plan prices must top up their subscription with a Rs 61 voucher in order to use unlimited 5G service. It is advised that Consider the prepaid plans for a year, to enjoy unlimited True 5G data along with complimentary Jio Apps and more.

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