Texas Vehicle Registration Renewal Methods and Eligibility Requirements!

The state’s car registration program is overseen by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV). Make sure your registration is in order before you go on the road. Get a passing inspection before Texas Vehicle Registration Renewal online if your expiry date is getting close.   

Texas Vehicle Registration Renewal

Get $1 off when you renew your registration online. If you haven’t gotten a penalty for an expired registration, you may renew your car registration online up to 12 months after it expires or 90 days before it does. The month of your expiry won’t change.

Before your sticker is produced, there is a two-business-day wait for the payment processing. Kindly give us up to three weeks for mailing and processing. Go to Where’s My Sticker? to find out the status of your registration.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) is in charge of overseeing the state’s automobile registration operation. Before you hit the road, be sure your registration is current. If your expiration date is approaching, acquire a passing inspection before renewing your Texas vehicle registration online.   

How to Renew Your Vehicle Registration?

To renew your car registration, you have numerous options. Remember that to renew, your car must pass an inspection. 

By Online:

If you have not received a penalty for an expired registration, you may renew your car registration online up to a year after the expiry date or 90 days before the expiration date. You will save $1.00 if you renew online. There are two online renewal options:

  • Texas by Texas (TxT) renews. TxT, an official account-based digital government assistant, offers Texans a quicker, more secure, and simpler method to handle government activities, such as renewing automobile registration. Go to Texas by Texas on Texas.gov to get more information about TxT and to register for an account.
  • Fill out the application for a vehicle registration renewal. You may still renew online with this option if you don’t want to establish a TxT account.

Texas Vehicle Registration Renewal

By Mail:

To your county Tax Assessor-Collector office, send the renewal notification, a copy of your Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR), evidence of current liability insurance, and any applicable costs. By Mail, Unless they want to go paperless, registered car owners get notifications of registration renewals. 

  • Notice of Renewal (retain the portion from the car owner for your records)
  • The Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) is available for download at www.mytxcar.org.
  • Evidence of up-to-date liability coverage


Bring your evidence of current liability insurance and your notice of registration renewal to the Tax Assessor-Collector office in your county, or an authorized substation.

To register your vehicle at a county tax office or approved substation in person, you will need to bring your registration renewal notice and proof of current liability insurance. One of the following methods may be used to renew your registration if you haven’t received a notification of renewal:

  • License Plate Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Registration Receipt from the previous year
  • Find your Local Tax Office & DMV
  • County Name
  • Enter County Name

Texas Vehicle Registration Renewal Eligibility Requirements

  • The owner of the vehicle has to be a Victoria County resident.
  • The owner of the car has a working email account.
  • Ninety days before the expiry date, including a five-day grace period, is when vehicle registration may be renewed.
  • Before having its registration renewed, a vehicle that has to undergo an annual state inspection must do so.
  • The vehicle has valid liability insurance, as required by Texas law.
  • The insurance is verified over the phone using a local or toll-free number, and it covers a minimum of thirty consecutive days.
  • The “Vehicle Record Remark” reflecting non-compliance with state law (e.g., emissions, scofflaw, child support, etc.) is absent from the vehicle-renewal notification.
  • The gross weight of the vehicle shall not exceed 54,999 pounds.

How to Get Texas Plates of Your Vehicle?

After relocating here, you have 30 days to register your car. To get a passing Texas inspection, take your car to a recognized vehicle inspection facility. The inspection station will need to see evidence of insurance, so bring your insurance card.

(In Texas, you are required to have insurance that covers property damage up to $25,000, a minimum of $30,000 per wounded person, and a maximum of $60,000 for all injured parties in an accident.)

Visit the county tax-assessor collection office in your community to get your Texas license plates and registration sticker. A current foreign or military ownership paperwork or other foreign proof of ownership may also be shown.

Your insurance card, the Vehicle Inspection Report that the inspection facility provides, and documentation proving your ownership of the car such as the title or registration from your former state will all be needed. 

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