World War 3 Prediction – All you need to know about it is here!

As a Iran launches a multifront attack using suicide drones, missiles and rocks directly challenging Israel, internet users are concerned about the possibility of a third world war. Nostradamus made terrifying predictions for the year 2024.

World War 3 Prediction

The year 2024 began with intense speculation of the third world war, the concept itself has been a topic of debate. The devastating impacts of the first and second world war have left a mark on the global memory that the idea of another global level conflict is not only terrifying but also compelling.

Many astrologers have come forward and made predictions about World War 3 even though its possibility remains uncertain. 

People have debated about the possibility of Third World War, while the horrors of the first and second world wars still haunt many, just having a thought about another major conflict is scary. From the past, well known astrologers like Nostradamus and Baba Vanga have made predictions about World War 3. 

According to the Indian astrologer, caught attention for his prediction about recent conflicts involving Israel and Hamas, with Korea, China, Taiwan and Russia’s tensions with the NATO, through many doubt his predictions says he uses Vedic astrologer to make his predictions and believes 10 June, 18 or 29 could be trigger the conflict. 

Consequences of World War 3

Most of the experts agree that the world will not have an outbreak of World War 3, as its consequences will be irreparable, however in a hypothetical situation of it were to happen the thoughts of its like consequences are quite chilling. World War 3 will bring about a loss of trust amongst most nations which would strain diplomatic relations across the global thresholds. 

The stock market worldwide would nosedive and set investors into panic, existing trade agreements could collapse overnight and global supply chains would face dire challenges. A World War 3 might have on our economy will be humongous and could result in the second great depression as mentioned earlier. 

Arguably the most frightening thought of a modern world war is that nuclear weapons could be employed dramatically in conflict’s magnitude and devastation. If a World War 3 happens, with thresholds lowered and tolerance levels reduced across nations, irrationality could lead to their possible use. 

World War 3 will not only be spread across the traditional domains of physical combat land, air and sea but will also be fought in domains of cyber and space that will make the character of the war more hybrid.

The cyber warfare will target communication networks and critical infrastructure resulting in widespread power outages and unprecedented disruption of the service such as a hospital, public transportation, water supply plants etc. 

Which countries will be in World War 3?

From the war in Ukraine, to the war in Gaza to tensions in the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait and the Korean Peninsula regional conflict have involved all the great powers, either as combatants in proxy roles. 

After a feeble Ukrainian counteroffensive over the summer, Russia is now on the offensive from the US, which is tiring of the war. China is providing more help to Russia, which is exacerbating the already threadbare China- US.  

In the South China Sea and close to the Taiwan Strait, the navies of China and the United States are sailing ever closer to confrontation, while Israel’s assault on Gaza continues to kill and maim the people of the besieged territory and the middle east is on the brink of a wider war. 

How to prevent World War 3?

As a common citizen we have only the power of voice, but at least we should use that power to wake up leaders from taking this world to a catastrophic disaster in the shape of World War 3. When the Nations, super power and forum like the UN will adhere to this point there won’t be any chase of forming blocs and war.

Absolute justice on every level. Whether it’s individual , Govt- individual or nation, we should strive to fulfil others rights rather than ours, this can be done only when we do not discriminate with one another and see all our fellow creation as a brethren. 

Violence is raging in the Middle East, Europe and Russia are poised on the edge of the conflict over the Ukraine. The United States is one more engaged in military action in Iraq and NATO pulls out. Other flashpoints over disputed islands in the South China Sea, tensions on the Korean peninsula and over to Kashmir are just some of the easily identified points of escalation.


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