Apple iPad 2024 Release Date, What’s New? Availability and Expected Price!

Apple iPad Release Date

Recently, Apple revealed the new M3 MacBook Airs to the world, which led to the speculation of the highly anticipated launch of Apple iPADs among consumers. According to the Bloomberg newsletter, people can expect the Apple iPad this year. 

Apple iPad 2024 Release Date

Last time, Apple introduced a new iPad to the world in October 2022. According to Mark Gurman Bloomberg’s correspondent, Apple will release iPad Pro and iPad Air models this year. 

Gurman forecasted the launch in his latest newsletter. 

Customers can expect the release of Apple iPads around the end of March and April. According to Gurman, the timeframe suits the most for the release of the Apple iPad, as it’s when the iPad OS 17.4 would be ready to commence. 

Bllomberg’s Gurman anticipates the launch announcement in the coming week or perhaps in a later week. Last week, Apple launched the M3 Macbook Airs. So, it would be right to expect the release date of the Apple iPad around this time. 

According to the rumor, people can expect a makeover of the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro with some cool features. A magic keyboard and upgraded Apple pencil are anticipated to launch with the Apple iPad launch in 2024. 

What’s new you can expect on the Apple anticipated iPads in 2024?

According to reports, customers can expect the following surprises in the Apple iPads expected to launch in 2024:

  • Front Camera Repositioning: The reports suggest that both iPad Pro and iPad Air can have the repositioning front camera rather than the short edge of the tablet. Previously, we have seen such a design in the 10th generation iPad released in 2022. The design comes in handy in placing the camera in a better position for video calls.
  • OLED display: Another leak on the Apple iPad is that Apple is coming up with OLED technology for the iPad. The OLED display expects to switch the LCD screen with mini LED backlights for the highly anticipated element of OLED display. Currently, only the larger screen sizes are equipped with OLED displays, but in iPad Pro, people can expect the OLED display in 11-inch models to 15-inch models. 
  • Better Pixels: With the OLED technology in Apple iPads, the pixels would improve more, and it would look more realistic than the LED display. 
  • Better Battery life: Consumers can expect better battery life on OLED-equipped Apple iPad Pro’s upcoming models. OLED technology would make it possible for the always-on display technology on the iPads. 
  • Thinner: According to the Macrumors, the upcoming Apple iPad Pro would be much thinner thanks to OLED technology. Apple is working on cutting down the weight and thickness of the upcoming models of Apple iPads. 
  • M3 Chip: According to the rumors, Apple will upgrade the current M2 chip technology to M3 chip technology. The advancement to the M3 Chip will offer a 30% hike in the energy-saving efficiency cores and a 15% enhancement in performance cores compared to the previous M2 chip technology. 
  • Fast-charging: Apple can use the MagSafe Charging for the upcoming iPads. It will allow a wireless charging facility for the new Apple iPads. 

Apple iPad Release Date

Availability of the Upcoming Apple iPads

The launch of Apple iPads will be coming soon in the upcoming months. The availability of the iPad questions is in the minds of many Apple customers who are eagerly waiting for the Apple iPad launch. 

According to Ross Young, he claims that the smaller production is behind schedule, so people can expect a short supply of 11-inch models at least during the first phase of sale. 

Apple usually manages the supply chain problem, but this time there can be delays. Hence, as soon as Apple releases the buyers need to immediately buy the smaller model if their eyes are on the smaller model. 

Expected Pricing of Apple iPads

The price of the upcoming Apple iPads would rise with the introduction of OLED displays. The price of a 12-inch LED model is around $1100.  

According to reports from The Elec, the OLED technology will make the Apple iPad model more expensive than the previous ones. So, people can expect the pricing of the smaller around $1500 and the larger size iPad around $19,00.

Remember, these are just speculation; the real price will only be revealed when Apple launches the Apple iPad Pro model in the market. 

The answers of Apple iPads would hopefully get answers in the coming days or months. Until then, we can only speculate and wait for the announcement of Apple iPads after the 2022 iPads launch. 

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