iOS 17.4 Update Release Date – New Features and Latest Updates 

iOS 17.4 Update Release Date 

Apple started beta-testing the update on January 25 and detailed various changes to iPhone applications and the App Store. iOS 17.4 Update aims to comply with the EU Digital Markets Act, which expires on March 6, 2024

iOS 17.4 Update Release Date 

If you reside in the European Union, iOS 17.4 will be a huge update. On January 25, Apple started the update’s beta testing and revealed several of the modifications that impact iPhone applications and the App Store user experience. 

This release’s main goal is to meet the deadline of March 6th set by the EU’s Digital Markets Act. We anticipate that Apple will make iOS 17.4 available around that time. About 600 new APIs have been added, along with possibilities for processing payments for applications, distributing iOS apps outside of the App Store, access to NFC for mobile payment systems, and extended analytics for apps. 

Additionally, commissions have been lowered to 10% for most developers during the first year (and to 17% for subscriptions that extend beyond that time) and 17% for other digital transactions. This is a roughly 50% reduction in comparison to rates around the globe.

iOS 17.4 New Features

Other features available to users in the United States and worldwide in the beta version are:

  • Apple Cash virtual card numbers: When Apple Pay isn’t accessible, iOS 17.4 assigns a virtual card number that may be used as a prepaid debit card, making it simpler to spend money from your Apple Cash account.
  • New emojis: iOS 17.4 includes many new emojis that are part of the Emoji 15.1 standard.
  • SharePlay music control for HomePod and Apple TV: With authorization, family members and friends with iPhones may manage the music on your Apple TV or HomePod. It functions similarly to iOS’s CarPlay functionality from the previous year.
  • Apple Music “Home” tab: The tab that said “Listen Now” has been changed to “Home.”
  • Stolen Device Protection: It is now possible for users to request a delay whenever they change security settings—not only when they are in unfamiliar places.
  • Podcast transcripts: Transcripts for podcast episodes will be available in English, French, German, and Spanish on the Podcast app. The podcast publishers may provide their own, or they can be automatically created.
  • Stopwatch live activity: When you have a stopwatch going, there’s now a Live Activity.
  • CarPlay instrument cluster experience: CarPlay will provide information about planned maneuvers in cars that are compatible. Users may switch between the main and instrument cluster views by pressing the map configuration button in the top right corner of the Maps app main screen.

iOS 17.4 Update Release Date 

How to install the public iOS 17.4 beta release candidate?

You may register for the public beta and get the release candidate right now if you want to be the first to install iOS 174. With iOS 16.4, installing a beta has a new procedure. Now, here is how the new procedure operates:

  • On the Apple Beta page, click Sign Up to create an Apple ID.
  • Open the beta software program and log in.
  • Select “Enrol” on your iOS gadget.
  • The Settings app’s General menu allows you to get software updates.
  • Choose the iOS Public Beta from the Beta Updates menu.

What’s new in iOS 17.4 EU?

An Apple press statement details all of the significant changes intended for the EU, including the introduction of other app stores and payment methods in addition to several additional adjustments, such as:

  • New options for distributing iOS apps from alternative app marketplaces: Developers may now sell their iOS applications for download via other app stores thanks to new tools and APIs.
  • Updated APIs and architecture for building new app stores: Marketplace developers can deploy apps and manage updates for other developers via their dedicated marketplace app.
  • New frameworks and APIs for alternative browser engines: Other than WebKit, browser engines may be used by developers to create browser applications and apps that allow for in-app browsing.
  • Interoperability request form: More requests for compatibility with iOS and iPhone hardware and software capabilities may be made by developers.

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