Panera Delivery Fees Settlement Claim Form, Deadline, Eligibility and Payout 

Panera Delivery Fees Settlement Claim Form

To be eligible for a Settlement Award, you must promptly submit a Claim Form to the Class Action Settlement Administrator online by June 10, 2024. Before March 11, 2024, you must send your objection to the class action settlement.

Panera Delivery Fees Settlement Claim Form

If the Settlement is accepted without your intervention, you forfeit your ability to participate and will not be entitled to a Settlement Award. 

To be eligible for a Settlement Award, a Claim Form must be promptly submitted to the Class Action Settlement Administrator and either posted on or before June 10, 2024, or submitted online by the same date. 

Attorneys’ Fees Up to $1,333,333 (from Cash Settlement Fund)
Claim Submission Deadline June 10, 2024
Opt-Out / Objection Deadline March 11, 2024
Claim Options Soups & Mac Vouchers Or Cash Settlement Award
Voucher Value Up to 2 vouchers, $19 total value
Cash Award Up to $12 per claimant (subject to available funds)
Award Distribution Electronic vouchers or payments (e.g., PayPal, Venmo)
Opt-Out Consequences Forfeiture of settlement benefits, retain the right to sue
Objection Rights Disagree with terms but remain Settlement Class Member

You have to submit the Administrator of the Class Action Settlement an objection letter outlining your reasons for thinking the Court should reject the Settlement. 

If the Settlement is accepted, you will receive a Settlement Award and the Defendant will not be subject to lawsuits for the allegations made in this Action. A written objection to the class action settlement must be mailed by March 11, 2024.

Panera Delivery Fees Settlement Claim Form Type

One of two methods exists for customers who ordered food for delivery using the Panera app and/or website at between October 1, 2020, and August 31, 2021, to receive cash from the class action settlement:

  • Soups & Mac Vouchers Settlement Award: Students may choose to get two coupons good for a free dish from Panera’s “Soups & Mac” menu. According to the lengthy notice on the Kroll website, the maximum value of this is $19 for each claimant or $9.50 for each voucher. To utilize them, no more purchases will be required.
  • Cash Settlement Award: Additionally, class participants can accept an electronic payment via PayPal for up to $12. However, if there are too many class members for each to get $12, the settlement will allocate money to each party in proportion. By June 10th, affected consumers who received an email with a class member ID may submit an online claim form.

Panera Delivery Fees Settlement Claim Form

How to claim Panera Delivery Fees Settlement?

To claim the Panera Delivery Fees Settlement:

  • Access the official Panera Delivery Fees Settlement Claim Form on the settlement website
  • Fill out the required fields accurately, providing necessary details like name, contact information, and transaction dates.
  • Submit any required supporting documents, such as receipts or transaction confirmations.
  • Before submitting, make sure all the information is accurate.
  • Wait for approval from the settlement administrator.
  • Stay informed about the status of your claim by checking the settlement website or contacting the administrator.
  • Receive compensation if your claim is approved.

Eligibility for Panera Class Action Lawsuit 

Customers who met the eligibility requirements and ordered delivered via the Panera app or website have until October 1, 2020, to make a claim.

The defendant in the Panera Bread class action settlement has agreed to pay the Settlement Class $4,000,000 in compensation. If class members choose to use vouchers rather than cash, they will get up to $2,000,000 in soup and Mac vouchers. A $2,000,000 Cash Settlement Fund has also been established.

Attorney fees (up to $1,333,333), legal expenses, $5,000 service awards for each class representative, and administrative settlement costs will all be subtracted from this fund. The Net Cash Settlement Fund, available for Cash Settlement Awards to class members, will be the remaining sum.

Panera Class Action Settlement Payout

Please be aware that payouts in class action settlements like this could be less than what was first projected. If the total amount of timely and legitimate claims filed exceeds the original predicted payout, the actual payment amount may be lowered. 

If you think you belong to the Panera Bread Settlement Class, you may file a timely and legitimate claim to be eligible for one of the following payments:

  • Cash Award: payment in cash up to $12.00 or,
  • Panera Vouchers: Two coupons for $19.00 each, or $9.50 each, for Panera Bread’s “Soups and Mac” menu items.

The projected amount of $12 to $19 per claim is subject to change depending on the number of claims and is based on the assumption that the class action will be granted final approval.

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