State Pension Age WASPI – What is it? Demanded Compensation Amount!

State Pension Age WASPI

Wapsi Women may receive compensation for state pensions. The WASPI women have revealed who could get the DWP payouts in the fight for compensation for the change in state pension changes. Read the article to learn about the appropriate compensation for the State Pension Age.

State Pension Age WASPI

WASPI, as in Women Against State Pension Inequality, is a campaign to raise concerns about the effect of a change in the state pension age from 60 to 65 for women to equalize the age of women with men.

According to WASPI, millions of women were affected by this change. They claimed that they were not informed about the changes in the state pension age and it was sudden for them, which has affected their health, retirement plans, and financial goals.

Campaign Name WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality)
Founded on 2015
Country United Kingdom
Aim  To get compensation and relief for the women affected by the State Pension Age changes.

The changes happened a decade ago in 2010 and affected the women born between 1950 and 1960. First, the state pension age changed to 65 through the 2011 Pension Act, then later on it was raised to 66 for both men and women.

The state pension age is increasing in stages, earlier it was 65, now it is 68, and later on, it will increase more as time passes. The women need to be aware of the pension age and plan their retirement accordingly. 

The WASPI campaign was started by five women in 2015 to speak to the government about the impact of the SPA Act and to provide a transitional payment to women born in the 1950s. The Campaign also demanded compensation for women who have to wait for six years to receive their state pension.

Demands of State Pension Age WASPI 

The online petition signed by over 100,000 people to Parliament has caused a debate in the UK Parliament. 

The WASPI demands: 

  • WASPI campaign demands compensation for the women born in the 1050s or after that, who have died due to the injustice of maladministration. 
  • According to the WASPI, around 270,000 women have died without getting any women due to state pension age change. The WASPI claimed that the administration has saved £ 4 billion due to this and they should pay compensation to those women and women who have to wait for 6 years to receive their pension.

State Pension Age WASPI

Response to WASPI Campaigns

The Department of Work and Pensions has stated that the decision to equalize the SPA for both genders men and women was made more than a decade ago, and they have provided the needed information through various channels such as letters, advertisements, etc. 

However, some people came in support of the WASPI campaign as the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman declared in 2021 that DWP had failed to provide the SPA information to the target group. The PHSO has investigated the SPA issue when it came to highlight. 

As declared by the PHSO, it was a case of maladministration. Currently, the investigation of PHSO is going on whether this maladministration has led to injustice to the women, and if the injustice happened, how should it be remedied?

How much compensation can WASPI women expect?

According to Brown’s proposed law, the women affected by the SPA deserve compensation of at least £3000 and £9000. But later on, he said that the level 6 payout would be appropriate based on the PHSO report, meaning the WAPSI women can receive £10,000 of compensation if the PHSO reports come in their favor.

He said that women have suffered for nine years, and each year 40,000 women die due to the lack of money and financial support.

But all the compensation plans are still a distant dream as the recommendations are not made legally and even if the bill is passed it will take time to set up the compensation scheme. 

Plus, the general election will also take place this year, so it could take time to process. 

The WAPSI fight for compensation may come to an end if the PHSO reports come in their favor. The process of compensation will be only known after the final result of the PHSO reports. 

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