Dragon Dogma 2 Release Date, Platform, Requirements, Gameplay 

Dragon Dogma 2 is basically a one role playing game which is going to release on 22nd March 2024. The game was developed by director Capcom. 

Dragon Dogma 2 Release Date 

This game offers the fight glimpse at the renewed fantasy world of Gransys, along with a variety of playstyles, weapons, opponents and what looks to be an evil king. 

In the game the player takes on the role of a character known as “Arisen” a hero marked by a dragon who they must defeat all while exploring the world they live in, and fighting with various monsters in the process.

Dragon Dogma 2 Releasing Platforms 

On 22nd March 2024, Friday game dragon’s dogma second is going to release on various platforms. The names of those platforms are –  

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series 
  • PC 

Due to launching the game on these platforms gamers are able to play this game from any location and with full enjoyment.

Dragon Dogma 2 Release Date

Dragon Dogma 2 System Requirements 

  • Needs a 64-bit processor and operating system. 
  • Operating System – Windows 10 (64 bit)/ Windows 11 (64 bit). 
  • Processor – Intel Core i5 10600/ AMD Ryzen 5 3600. 
  • Memory – 16 GB RAM. 
  • Graphics Card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070/ AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT with 8 GB VRAM. 
  • Direct X -Version 12
  • Network Connectivity – Broadband Internet Connection. 

Dragon Dogma 2 Characters Names and their Roles 

Some of the characters of this game are 

  • Ulrika – The young leader of Melve and she also has a strong sense of responsibility and trains diligently to save her people. 
  • Nadinia – Leader of Battahl and high priestess to the Lambent flame.
  • Brant – The righteous and honest captain of the palace guard. 
  • Disa – Queen to the early Sovran of Vermund, she took charge of the kingdom’s government. 
  • Manella – A Beastren who leads the guard of the Lambent flame, safeguarding the high priestess and her acolytes. 

Dragon Dogma 2 Gameplay 

Here official websites explain that as a single player, narrative driven action RPG.The developers made a promise of a highly customizable major character and party, additionally to the freedom to approach situations in various ways. 

This game is set in the similar fantasy-themed open world where you come to know in the original game Gransys. The premier presentation of Dragon Dogma 2 game reveals that this open world will be 4 times larger than the one in the actual game. 

The Dogma 2 brings back the vocation system and this offers various play styles. So far, you are able to spot the heavily armoured fighter, a spell-slinging Mage and a dual wielding Thief. 

The Hybrid Dragon Dogma 2 also makes their return with the likes of a Magic Archer with the debut of Wayfarer like a vocation of all trades.

Regarding the opponents there is no shortage of ogres, goblins and griffins but huge dangerous looking ones of the lot are the Medusa-like monster. 

The grab mechanic also makes the welcome back, permitting us to jump and climb on different objects and the enemies of Dragon Dogma two. 

Capcom also confirmed that Dragon Dogma two will keep the Pawn system which was used in the actual game. 

Pawns of Dragon Dogma 2 are Artificial Intelligence controlled party members that join with you on your adventure – not just as battle aides but as virtual companions complete with their personality traits. 

Dragon Dogma 2 Game Story 

In this game the player takes the role of “Arisen” who is the hero of the game and the heart of the hero has been stolen by a dragon. Our aim is straightforward – defeat the perpetrator and take the throne. 

But one small issue is that the Arisen begins off imprisoned in an underground dungeon. 

When you escape prison there is plenty of huge trouble ahead; the Arisen may be suffering from amnesia disease. 

Besides dragons and humans there are all sorts of monsters and they are waiting to be slain from minotaurs and cyclopes to harpies and gorgons.

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