Godzilla x Kong Box Office Collection, New & Returning Casts, and Storyline

Godzilla x Kong Box Office Collection

The sequel of Godzilla Vs. King Kong (2021) is ready to roar in theaters on 29 March 2024, the makers are expecting a great response after the success of the 2021 movie. It is anticipated that the movie may earn $50 to $60 million from the US and Canada, while the worldwide collection is likely to be between $80 and $90 million.

Godzilla x Kong Box Office Collection 

The King of Monsters, Godzilla, and King Kong are coming back together to save the earth from another emerging threat in theaters. When two mighty beasts are coming together, it’s natural to expect a bigger box office. 

The film Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is a sequel to the 2021 film and the fifth film of the MonsterVerse franchise. 

The last movie, Godzilla vs. Kong of the MonsterVerse franchise received a great response from the audience, and it was a success at the box office ($474 million worldwide) despite its release after the pandemic. The duo of these two mighty beasts have proven their popularity and power at the box office. 

The makers are expecting a box office of $50 to $60 million from the US and Canada and $80 to $90 million from the 63 international markets. Legendary expects that it will suppress its predecessor, the 2021 Godzilla vs. Kong of the MonsterVerse franchise. 

On 25 March 2024, the movie premiered at Los Angeles’s TCL Chinese Theatre and afterward, the makers released the movie internationally on 27, 28, and 29 March 2024 in various regions. The Japanese audience can watch the Mighty Beasts of MonsterVerse in theaters from 26 April 2024.  

Movie Name  Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
Director Adam Wingard 
Produced by  Legendary Pictures
Based on  Toho’s Godzilla and Mothra
Distributed by  Warner Bros (Worldwide) and Toho (Japan)
Budget $135 million
Release Dates 29 March 2024 (United States) and 26 April 2024 (Japan)

Returning and New Cast of Godzilla x Kong Movie

Generally, we see a change in cast or little continuity of casts in Godzilla movies, but the MonsterVerse franchise follows different traditions. The audience can see the previous casts in the movie surrounded by some new casts following the current storyline. 

Here is the prominent cast of the Godzilla x Kong movie:

Previous Cast: 

  • Rebecca Hall plays your Dr.Ilena Andrews,
  • Kaylee Hottle as Jia from the 2021 movie,
  • Brian Tyree Henry played Bernie Hayes, Titan Truth podcaster, and a conspiracy theorist.

The new faces in the movie:

  • Dan Stevens plays Trapper, the latest visitor to Skull Island.
  • Fala Chen plays the role of Iwi Queen of the Iwi tribe
  • Alex Ferns plays Mikael
  • Rachel House playing the role of Hampton

The characters and their role in the “ The New Empire” movie will be disclosed to you when you watch the movie in theaters.

Storyline of the Godzilla x Kong movie

After the fierce battle between Godzilla and Kong in the Godzilla vs. Kong, they later team up to defeat Mechagodzilla and save the planet from destruction. 

Godzilla and Kong went their separate ways after that battle; Kong now rules the Hollow Earth, and  Godzilla remains on Earth to maintain peace between monsters and humanity. 

According to the trailer, a new threat will arrive on Earth, and Godzilla moves to eliminate this threat from the Earth. Amidst all of this, the Skar King would create problems to take over the world. 

Kong will reunite with Jia in the movie, and get ready to witness a lovely reunion of both of them. 

Kong would lure Godzilla to Hollow Earth to fight this emerging threat, the two will fight together against the Skar King with Mothra, who is awakened for some reason. 

When the two mighty beasts who are kings in their regions fight together to defeat the Skar King, there’s no chance that fans of MonsterVerse will miss this. 

Critics’ Response to the Godzilla x Kong

The review of the movie by Rotten Tomatoes on GxK, where 57% of critics’ response is positive towards the movie GxK. Metacritic has given a score of 48 out of 100, based on the reviews of 42 critics. 

According to critics, the GxK movie is delivering what fans are expecting from the movie, the force battle, the best VFX, crushing landmarks, etc. 

Will there be another sequel to Godzilla X Kong?

The director of the movie, Adam Wingard, has shown his desire to make the third part of the movie featuring Godzilla and Kong. But he also said that the sequel will depend on how the GxK will perform at the box office. 

The makers are taking forward the MonsterVerse franchise with the latest movie,  Godzilla x Kong. Fans are excited to watch the giant beasts again joining forces to save the world. 

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