Rumy Al-Qahtani Biography, Early Life, Education, Career, NET Worth 

Rumy Al-Qahtani Biography

Saudi Arabia’s Rumy Al-Qahtani has made history by becoming the first-ever contestant from Saudi Arabia to enter the Miss Universe 2024 pageant. Let’s get you familiar with Rumy Al-Qhatani, who will represent Saudi Arabia in the 73rd Miss Universe Pageant

Rumy Al-Qahtani Biography

Rumy Al-Qahtani is a renowned runway model and content creator in Saudi Arabia. She has represented her nation on many international and Asian beauty pageants. 

She was born and brought up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Rumy was born to her parents on 29 July 1995. 

Rumy has two sisters, Razanq Al-Qahtani and Gedai Al-Qahtani; among the three sisters Rumy and Razan are active on social media platforms and enjoy a good number of fan followers, whereas Gedai likes to keep her life low-profile away from the limelight. 

There is not much information on her family except her sisters and mother, Fawziah Ayed. Recently, she has come to the limelight as she announced her participation in the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant. 

Full Name  Rumy Al-Qahtani 
Age  28 years
DOB 29 July 1995
Place of birth  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabian 
Height  5’ 6’’
Profession Runway Model and Content Creator 
Mother’s Name  Fawziah Ayed
Siblings Razan Al-Qahtani and Gedai Al-Qahtani 

Education and Personal life of Rumy Qahtani 

Rumy Al-Qahtani was brought up in a loving and supportive environment with her sisters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From childhood, she was a bright child in academics and extracurricular activities. 

She did her Bachelor’s in Dentistry from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. She can speak many languages, such as French, Arabic, and English. 

According to reports, she is a well-trained equestrian and loves animals very much. Based on her interviews, she is a fan of Angelina Jolie and considers the actress her idol. 

She loves to travel and explore new places around the world. She often posts about her new adventures and the places she explores on her social media accounts. 

She has a loving personality and wishes to showcase her Saudi Arabian culture on the world stage. 

Rumy Al-Qahtani Career

Rumy Qahatni started her career as a content creator and influencer in 2016. She started her career in modeling as a runway model and worked with many brands. 

She loves fashion and loves to carry trending fashion styles. Her Instagram handle has one million followers as of now.  She is also active on Snapchat, FB, and Twitter. 

She shared her life beyond pageants to her fans through social media and connected with her fans. 

She has harnessed the power and strength of social media over the years through her content and her achievements in beauty pageants. 

She always has had an interest in competitive beauty pageants and represented her country at many international pageants. 

Her journey in the pageants has been outstanding, she holds many beauty titles under her name and made her country and family proud of her achievements. 

The titles Rumy Al-Qahtani holds are as follows:

  • Miss Saudi Arabi
  • Miss AsiaSA
  • Miss Woman Beauty SA 2023
  • Miss Planet Arab 2023
  • Miss Middle East 2024
  • Miss Arab Peace 2021
  • Miss Arab UnitySA
  • Miss Europe Saudi Arabia 2023
  • Miss Universe Saudi Arabia 2024

And, now, she has made her name written in history as she is going to represent Saudi Arabia in the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant going to be held in Mexico.  She is the first-ever contestant from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to participate in the world’s most prestigious and honored beauty pageants. 

According to her social media posts, she wishes to take Saudi Arabia on the international stage of beauty pageants and open new doors for the aspiring beauties of Saudi Arabia. 

Net Worth of Rumy Al-Qahtani 

Rumy enjoys a large fanbase on her social media handles and worked with many well-known brands as a model. Her fans love her as she shares every moment with them and loves to interact with her fans. 

Now, her announcement as a Miss Universe 2024 contestant has made her famous all over the globe. 

Her net worth considering these factors is estimated at around $325,000 from her modeling career and social media influencers. 

Rumy Al-Qahtani is an emerging name in the landscape of beauty pageants and seeing her performances she can be a potential contender for the Miss Universe 2024.

However, winning or losing, she has made history for sure being the first contestant from Saudi Arabia to take part in the Miss Universe contest going to be held in September 2024.  

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