Seresto Collar Settlement – Claim Form, Deadline, Eligibility, Final Approval Date

Seresto Collar Settlement

December 04, 2024, is anticipated to see the final approval of the $15 million Seresto pet collar class action settlement by a federal court to settle a lawsuit that claimed Seresto pet collars made dogs and cats sick and even killed some of the animals.

Seresto Collar Settlement

To address class action lawsuits filed on behalf of pet owners, many of whom claimed that their dogs and cats perished or suffered serious injuries as a result of harmful chemicals emitted by the device, the producers of Seresto flea and tick collars have struck a $15 million settlement deal.

In March 2021, USA Today published a study that connected Seresto pet collars to 75,000 negative health outcomes in both people and animals. This led to legal action being taken against Elanco Animal Health, Inc. and Bayer Healthcare, LLC. Since the collars were on sale in 2012, the investigation suggested they may have contributed to around 2,000 pet fatalities.

Seresto Collar Lawsuit Settlement Agreement Amount

A proposed Seresto settlement deal (PDF) was initially made public by the parties on December 21, 2023, and this week, on January 25, the Court gave it preliminary approval. 

Defendants will contribute $15 million to a Seresto settlement fund as part of the deal. If the plaintiffs can provide a legitimate receipt for each Seresto collar they bought for their pet, they will be entitled to $13.00. 

Credit for up to $26.00 per pet, or only two such collars, is available to those without evidence of purchase. Furthermore, owners of non-fatally injured dogs may get $25.00 per pet, which is 100% of the total amount they paid out of pocket for the recorded medical care their pets got. 

In addition to $300.00 for each pet that passes away, plaintiffs whose pets suffered fatal injuries are also entitled to reimbursement for 100% of their out-of-pocket expenses related to documented medical care and 100% of their out-of-pocket expenses related to burial, cremation, or other approved pet disposal methods.

The deadline for plaintiffs to register a claim and be included in the Seresto pet collar settlement is July 22.

Alternatively, they may choose to withdraw from the class action settlement and continue their claim on an individual basis. On December 4, 2024, a final approval hearing will take place in the Northern District of Illinois United States Courthouse.

Seresto Collar Settlement

How to claim for Seresto Collar Settlement? 

To claim in the Seresto collar settlement:

  • Confirm if you meet the criteria for the settlement, typically involving the use or purchase of Seresto collars within a specific timeframe and experiencing adverse effects.
  • Collect proof of purchase, veterinary records, and any evidence of harm caused by the Seresto collar.
  • Fill out the provided claim form with the necessary details and attach supporting documents.
  • Ensure timely submission before the specified deadline to be eligible for compensation.
  • The settlement administrator will review your claim, and if approved, you may receive compensation.
  • Keep updated on settlement progress and respond promptly to any additional requests for information.
  • Seek legal counsel if you have concerns or questions about the process or eligibility.

Seresto Collar Settlement Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Seresto Collar Settlement:

  • Purchase/Use Period: You must have purchased or used a Seresto collar within the specified timeframe outlined in the settlement.
  • Adverse Effects: Eligibility often requires experiencing adverse effects or issues related to using the Seresto collar, as detailed in the settlement agreement.

Seresto had the most complaints about pet harm and deaths

The whole set of mitigating measures consists of:

  • A five-year restricted registration that ends on July 13, 2028. Before then, at least one year must pass after Elanco requests ongoing usage. Typically, the EPA approves pesticides for 15 years.
  • Every year, Elanco is required to provide updated incident reports and sales data.
  • Elanco is required to submit an annual report that will analyze safety data gathered on Seresto and offer an update on stewardship initiatives. This report will resemble the FDA Annual Periodic Drug Experience Report.
  • Elanco is required to provide adverse impact training materials and submit a report on its progress by July 2024. 
  • To educate the veterinary community on the advantages and disadvantages of using pesticides in pet products and the significance of reporting negative effects, Elanco has to create and carry out an outreach program. Reports on these activities must be provided by Elanco by July 2024.
  • To determine the danger of strangling, Elanco has to examine the collar’s release mechanism. 
  • To facilitate incident data comparability, the EPA divided Seresto into two registrations: cats and dogs.
  • In addition, Elanco has to provide instructions on the label to remove the collar if any of the typical side effects are experienced. These include cutaneous conditions in addition to behavioral and neurological disorders. Customers will now be instructed on the label to take off the collar and notify the EPA if any of those symptoms appear.

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