Rose Valley Refund: Steps, Amount, Timeline, and Status Check

Rose Valley Refund

Many clients or individuals have deposited money with Rose Valley, and as a result of substantial fraud, they have not received their money back. But now that you’ve put in with the Rose Valley Organization, you may receive your money back by performing certain steps

Rose Valley Refund 

The Rose Valley Refund process is related to investors who were part of the Rose Valley Group Company and have documents proving their investment. 

The Calcutta High Court has constituted the Rose Valley Assets Disposal Committee (ADC) to refund the invested amount of the investors. Investors and depositors need to upload the required documents to claim their deposited amount.

If the depositor has passed away, their nominee can fill out an online application to claim the amount. After submitting the Rose Valley ADC online form, an acknowledgment number is provided for future reference. Be careful while filling out the application, as there is no option to correct it.

How can I get my Rose Valley Refund? 

To get your Rose Valley Refund, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Rose Valley Refund Portal available at
  • Click on the Upload Certificate button.
  • Choose from Investor, Nominee, or Others.
  • Fill in details like your Name, Mobile Number, Age, and Gender.
  • Enter the Address used in the investment documents.
  • Provide your Bank Account Details (bank name and IFSC code).
  • Enter the Bond Number, Bond Holder’s Name, and Investment Amount.
  • Upload your Investor Certificates or Bonds.
  • Click Submit to complete the Rose Valley money return process.
  • Remember that there is no option to correct your application, so be careful while filling it out. After submission, you’ll receive an acknowledgment number for future reference.

Rose Valley Refund

How much will I get through Rose Valley Refund? 

The Rose Valley Refund process is overseen by the Rose Valley Assets Disposal Committee (ADC), constituted by an order from the Calcutta High Court. The committee aims to refund investors of the Rose Valley Group who have not received their investment refunds. Investors need to wait until the ADC activates the relevant tabs for uploading applications on the official Rose Valley Refund Portal. 

SEBI has ordered attachment of bank accounts and other assets to recover the amount collected by the company through non-convertible debentures (NCDs) from investors. The refund amount varies based on individual investments. 

According to the Court, investors who invested less than Rs 7,000 would receive a full refund, while those who placed more than Rs 7000 but less than Rs 10,000 will receive a return of Rs 7000 plus 52% of the remaining amount above Rs 7000 in their individual accounts. 

When will I get my Rose Valley Refund? 

The Rose Valley Refund process is ongoing, and the timeline for individual refunds may vary. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) ordered a refund for investors who had invested in Rose Valley’s holiday membership plans.

SEBI has asked the company to refund the money to all investors with the promised interest rate. 

Remember that the refund process involves a large number of investors, so patience is essential. Keep an eye on official announcements for updates on your refund status.

When will the Rose Valley Refund Portal be activated for applying? 

The Rose Valley Refund Portal is in the process of further development. As soon as the Assets Disposal Committee (ADC) decides to invite applications, the investors’ tab and ‘Upload New Certificate’ tab will be activated. The ADC requests investors to wait until the tabs are activated. 

How and where can I check the status of the Rose Valley Refund? 

To check the status of your Rose Valley Refund Application, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official Rose Valley Refund Portal.
  • Click on the “Rose Valley Refund Status”  link provided on the website.
  • Then give all the requested information to move further. 
  • Lastly, look for updates related to your application status

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