Solo Leveling S2 Release Date: When and where to watch it online?

Solo Leveling S2 Release Date

The makers of the Solo Leveling anime television series have confirmed the next season of the anime. The fans are excited about the upcoming Season 2 of Solo Leveling since the makers have released a small teaser on the day Season 1 ends.

Solo Leveling S2 Release Date 

The Solo Leveling anime is based on the South Korean web novel, Only I Level Up, written by author Chugong. The anime television series was aired on 7 January 2024, containing 12 episodes. Season 1 of Solo Leveling was a big hit among fans of anime, the fans liked the world of hunters and the adventure. 

The makers announced the next season of the anime series on 30th March 2024 and built anticipation among the fans about this action-fantasy-packed anime. 

The small teaser of the Solo Leveling S2 titled “Arise from the Shadow” has been unveiled by the makers to look forward to the upcoming season of the anime. According to the reports, the S2 of Solo Leveling will have additional episodes, making it a total of 13 episodes in the second season. 

The official date of the Solo Leveling S2 is yet to be revealed by the officials of the anime. However, Crunchyroll has confirmed that fans can expect the S2 to premiere in the fourth quarter of 2024. 

Anime Television Series Solo Leveling
Based on  Korean web novel by Chugong
Season  2
No.of Episodes in S2 13
Directed by  Shunsuke Nakashige 
Animations Studio A-1 Pictures
Written by  Noboru Kimura
Expected Release  Fourth quarter of 2024

Cast of Solo Leveling S2

The upcoming season of Solo Leveling will retain the previous cast of the anime. The makers had not revealed anything about the probable new cast and characters of the anime. 

Following are the voice actors of the Solo Leveling cast:

  • Taito Ban voice acts for the Sung Jin-woo (In Japanese: Shun Mizushino)
  • Makoto Furukawa voice acts for the character Woo Jinchui (In Japanese: Akira Inukai)
  •  Reina Ueda voice acts for the character name Cha Hae-in (In Japanese: Shizuku Kosaka)
  • Genta Nakamura voice acts for Yoo Jin-ho (In Japanese: Kenta Morobishi)
  • Rina Honnizumi voice acts for Lee Joo-hee (In Japanese: Eri Mizuki)
  • Banjou Ginga voice acts for Go Gunhee ( In Japanese: Kiyoomi Goto)
  • Hiroki Touchi voice acts for Baek Yoonho (In Japanese: Taiga Shirakawa)

Apart from them, you will see new and old characters depending on the storyline of the S2 Solo Leveling. 

Synopsis of the Solo Leveling Season 1

The story of Solo Leveling revolves around protagonist Sung Jin Woo, who is a weak hunter. The storyline of the anime follows a mysterious portal, “Gates,” that connects the human world to another dimension.

With the mysterious portal, humans develop supernatural powers that help them fight the monsters from the Gates. 

Sung Jin Woo is the weakest hunter in the hunter world. However, his persistence to support his sick mother and younger sister leads him to different situations. 

One day, he is close to death when his entire party dies in the double dungeon, and he gets a chance to become a player.  He completes the quest and gets new powers & abilities. He changes the norms and unlocks the abilities that none of the hunters have achieved in the world. 

He begins a journey to discover the secrets of dungeons and the source of his new powers. During his journey, he met many other characters and unveiled many secrets related to his life and the secret dungeon. 

He became one of the greatest hunters in the world and saved the people from many crises. 

What can you expect from S2 Solo Leveling?

The upcoming season expects to add the powers of Sung Jin Woo but at the cost of what will be revealed in the upcoming season of Solo Leveling.

The makers will most likely follow the original storyline from Jeju Island Arc, Red Gate Arc, and the secret related to the Red Gate. 

Maybe, Jin Woo will find out the actual source of his powers in the upcoming season. 

Where can you watch the S2 of Solo Leveling?

Crunchyroll is the license partner of the anime television series, international fans can watch Solo Leveling S2 on the Crunchyroll platform only. 

The Japanese audience will be able to watch the S2 of Solo Leveling on the local channels of Japan, such as Gunma TV, CBC, BS11, etc. 

The Solo Leveling storyline and the animations have captured the attention of anime fans. The anime series has become one of the most successful anime series of 2024, and with the upcoming season, the fans have high hopes for the anime. 

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